MatLab ENZ-routines

Download some simple MatLab-based programs that show the basic features of the Extended Nijboer-Zernike theory. The details about the notation and the theory used can be found in the ENZ-document. All example files use the auxiliary Vnm-function Vnm.m , that should be placed in the same folder as the principal example files. Also note that the examples below still use the classical "small aberration, low-NA" approximation, as described in section 2.1 of the ENZ document. Due to this approximation, the Strehl intensity will remain unity, regardless of the presence of aberrations. More advanced examples will use the beta-expansion described in section 3 and further of the ENZ-document. 

a) The file example.m plots the aberration-free through-focus profile using the auxiliary Vnm-function Vnm.m (in this particular case n=m=0). The source code can be easily edited and all parameter settings can be changed. Note that by typing "help example" in the MatLab-environment the comments in the file are shown.

b) A second MatLab file, various_diameters_example.m, explores the effects if a mathematical point source is replaced by a source with finite diameter.

c) The following MatLab files explore the effect of various aberrations: astigmatism_example.m , coma_example.m , trefoil_example.m